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We are co-creating a space for women to personally & professionally emerge. This platform is for all women who want to embrace and enact change at home, in their communities, or in their careers.

Raves from our community...

“What transpired for me with attending these events, is how much women need a platform to see and be seen. Women Making Waves matters by boosting women up and helping them know they can do and be anything they want.”

Tatiana Dudyez
Executive Coach, Advisor & Speaker

“Women Making Waves’ programs made a big difference in my life during a time of social distancing. I was able to connect with empowering women who influenced me to keep going after my dreams despite the challenges I may currently face.”

Maryann Talino
CEO of Purple Bloom Group

“I feel rejuvenated, loved, seen and heard. I feel a part of something really special. It was an absolute honor to be there today and the magic that just organically happened was so incredible to watch. Thank you to this community for making these opportunities possible.”

Hilary Morin
Co-Founder of Morph Project

Why make ripples when you can make waves?

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Our focus is on Movement, Mindfulness, and Mingling all Month long.
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