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Evoke the leader within Mentorship network & leadership experience for the next generation of female leaders.
May 2024
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Let's get real...

You may have been told you are a "natural leader."

You are ready to stand out and learn to lead with compassion & grace.

You want to engage in, and improve, your community to leave a lasting impact. 

Perhaps you:

have tried leadership roles, but ended up frustrated and honestly, not always taken seriously?
have taken classes and attended conferences, but when it comes to applying what you have learned, where do you start?
are ready to commit to cultivating "real" relationships that move you & your passion projects forward.

Here, you are poised to let people see you (maybe for the first time)!

Your community needs to hear what you stand for - & it’s no longer enough to wait on the sidelines.

take the next step to self-empowerment and expression

your innate skills and talents, tools that are vital to any organization or group’s success, need to shine.

Now is the right time.

Welcome to the #nextwave

Introducing The #NextWave

Evoke the leader within

A Mentorship program & Leadership experience

This Next Wave experience was created because we got really sick & tired of hearing powerful, smart, driven women say they don’t feel supported, let alone feel like they’re actually seen. 

Peggy Olson said, “If you don’t like the conversation, change it.” 

It’s time to start a conversation around how we show up as women and retain our feminine power while leading entire companies, movements, and passion projects to success. 

Evoke The Leader Within 2024 is designed to help you break into the conversation and share your ideas for innovation. 

It’s time to share your vision.

It’s time to get innovative and speak up.

It’s time to face challenges head-on and have your voice heard.

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Next Wave Program Results

Who is this for?

Evoke The Leader Within is an application-only program that requires a minimum 6-month commitment.

Applications are open, especially if are:

Looking for a way to level up your leadership
Ready to identify new & innovative ways to lead 
Prepared to put in the work and continually “show up”
Leadership-oriented and have been identified by peers as a natural leader (but don’t know what that means for you or how far you can take it)
Ready to accept that personal and professional growth go hand in hand

Get involved in the movement

During your Evoke The Leader Within experience,  you will:

Meet with guides & cohort members once a month via Zoom. 
Have access to guest experts & teachers who are able to dive deep into topics that matter, from DEI to Mental health, to niche networking and more.
get exclusive access to our curated Workbook & Resources. 
Receive discounts & offers for special events & retreats hosted by your guides & mentors.

**To facilitate the maximum growth & expansion for our participants, we may need to divide accepted applicants into cohorts to ensure the best possible experience for all.

Group Meetups

We want you to have opportunities to really connect, to “know,” the women who attend the program  because some of them may become your next Personal Board of Directors.

We are here to support you in finding your unique path, to embody the knowledge and confidence that you intuitively have what it takes to be a leader, and we are committed to being beside you all the way!

You have a built in #community behind you.

Meet the founder

Tyler Skinner
Founder & CVO
Women Making Waves

I’m a passionate entrepreneur who has re-invented again and again to create and cultivate connections and community collaborations that enhance social & cultural shifts by bringing people together to believe in something bigger than themselves and to see the magic in motivating others.

Featured Speakers

Sara Rubalcava

Award-winning Marketing Communications Professional with over twenty-five years’ experience, Ms. Rubalcava has developed as a Transformational Speaker and Lifestyle coach empowering others to reach their highest potential in business and in life by providing tools that assist clients in recognizing and removing barriers to success and regain focus on time and energy into areas that matter most.

Noha Kolkailah

Noha Kolkailah was born in Cairo Egypt and raised in California. After starting a summer school in Hawaii at age sixteen, Noha decided to become a teacher. She attained a bachelor’s in Biochemistry, her teaching credentials, and a master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from Cal Poly State University. Noha is the founder of Peace Academy, sLo Where they aspire to create holistic real world experiences in an eco-friendly and robust learning environment with the most comprehensive standards in the sciences, the humanities, and the arts.

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Community Partners

Meet your series speakers:

Lisa Kowalski

Lisa is currently the Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness in San Luis Obispo and a lululemon ambassador.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for 35 years and loves helping people feel empowered and confident.  She worked as a university women’s soccer coach for 15 years and has worked as a group exercise instructor throughout her career.  Lisa obtained her undergraduate degree at California Polytechnic State University in Physical Education and Corporate Fitness and her Master’s Degree from San Jose State in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport Psychology.  Lisa loves to snowboard, mountain bike, strength train and spend time with her 19 year old son, Tyler, and their two rescued Labs, Mac and Shadow.

Maria Castillo

Named as one of VoyageLA Magazine's 2020 "Trailblazing Entrepreneurs," Maria Castillo is an LA based certified personal trainer and fitness model taking the health and wellness industry by a storm. As the owner of the fitness lifestyle brand “Flawed & Fit,” she takes on a multi-hyphenate role as an entrepreneur and influencer. She has trained for brands and apps such as Fabletics, Nike/Jordan, NordicTrack, and Apple to name a few, and worked with celebrity clients like grammy award winning singer Tems, and actress Vanessa Simmons. Castillo’s innovative training methods and brand marketing background set her apart as an influencer, personal trainer, and businesswoman.

#NextWave Ambassadors:

Zaira Armendariz

Zaira Armendariz is a passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. She is currently earning her Master's degree in Positive Psychology while also becoming a Certified Resilience Coach. Zaira's journey into the realm of mental health and wellness was deeply influenced by her own encounters with adversity. It was through these challenges that she discovered her passion for empowering others to navigate their journey of healing and finding their inner strength. She believes in the power of preventive action and learning practical strategies to enhance resilience and overall wellness.
As the host of her podcast Complex, Like Wine, Zaira also provides a platform for individuals to share their stories, fostering vulnerability, awareness, and community. Through candid conversations and insightful discussions, she aims to inspire others to embrace their complexities and create their resilience.Beyond her academic and career pursuits and podcasting endeavors, Zaira is deeply committed to helping others proactively manage their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In her spare time, she enjoys her fitness activities such as participating in Spartan and Tough Mudder races, being in nature, and enjoying quality time with her loved ones.

Mayra Mejia

Originally from Lodi, Mayra is a first-generation Latina who's lived in SLO since 2013. She is a 2x Cal Poly graduate with a B.S. in Graphic Communication ('17) and a Masters in Business Administration ('20).Mayra has always been passionate about helping people (through youth mentorship or helping someone achieve their goals) and takes pleasure in radiating positivity onto others. A proud member of Women Making Waves and small business owner on the Central Coast, she loves inspiring other like-minded individuals to believe in themselves, lead healthier lives and embrace their bodies through self-love and self-care methods.

Besides positively changing lives at Your Body Haven, Mayra enjoys spending time with her two tabby cats (Luna del Rey and Nova) and partner Marcos. She delights in trying new restaurants with friends, supporting local businesses, going on long runs and lifting weights at the gym.

Amishi Jain

Third year Business Admin student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and VP of marketing for WIB (Women in Business)

Meet some of our mentors

Are you ready to gain competence, confidence, & connections? 

We are living in a new world, where we cannot pivot or create by strategy alone. 

Meaningful collaborations matter, and the right connections can move you faster to make your personal mission matter on a massive scale.

Evoke the leader within is perfect for you if you are willing to...

do the inner work
practice frequently 
be fully supported on your journey
"Women Making Waves programs made a big difference in my life during a time of social distancing. I was able to connect with empowering women who influenced me to keep going after my dreams despite the challenges I may currently face. I am grateful for the women involved and their intention on making waves to motivate others and inspire action."

-MaryAnn Talino
"As I open myself up more to what the world and universe has in store for me, I welcome events like these as a sign I am on the right path. I feel honored to join a space where women feel safe to be vulnerable, to be open to change and becoming. It’s so meaningful to have a collective of others who have different experiences in life than you but who cross your path to build and Co-create with one another."

-Alysia Hendry, SLO County Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Advocate

Don’t just take it from us... Here’s what our community has to say

Today’s event was so amazing. I feel rejuvenated, loved, seen and heard. I feel a part of something really special. It was an absolute honor to be there today and the magic that just organically happened was so incredible to watch. Thank you to this community for making these opportunities possible.

-Hillary Morin (Co-founder of the Morph Project)

What transpired for me with attending these events, is how much women need a platform to see and be seen…how much work there is to do FOR women. In my experience as a successful woman in business, it is imperative that the narrative about women changes in regards to their power that already exists inside of them. The biggest problem today is that women continuously position themselves as a minority in their respective industry and in life in general. Power and worthiness come from within. It is time for This platform, Women Making Waves matters by boosting women up and helping them know they can do and be anything they want.

-Tatiana Dudyez, Executive Coach, Advisor & Speaker

Got Questions?

Q: What will I get out of this program?
A: Only you know. All we can say is, the more you put in, the more you get out of it. Engaging with your mentor, offering ideas to the group, being curious, digging in to find solutions is where it all is.

Q: Why does this type of program matter?
A: Our world is constantly changing. We cannot use old tools to build new bridges, nor can we find solutions from external sources alone. Over 50% of CEOs wonder how to reach, and to develop, the next gen of leaders. Meanwhile, 57% of working young women feel overwhelmed and hopeless in the U.S. With little confidence in their companies to step up to that challenge, we see a huge opportunity to connect the dots and make it happen.

Q: What will we be doing in each meetup/workshop?
A: We will offer a new theme in each module/ segment with curated content, a workbook to use as a guide, a pre-assigned mentor, an occasional speaker to reinforce ideas, and chances to implement with peers by taking a deep dive and continue to have unique opportunities to do the work.

Q: How do I know if I am a leader or ready for this program?
A: If you have the grit and drive to take yourself to the next level, you are in a place of readiness to be a leader for the next generation. Sometimes we have to take the leap to realize our potential. ☺

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