Pause and Play

We host a variety of events including virtual educational and empowering series' and in person transformational monthly retreats (currently in the Central Coast, CA & expanding to other cities in late 2021-2022). Our events are Collaborative, Interactive, Inspiring, Authentic & Honest.

Our events focus on


Our events highlight incredibly diverse women who are sharing their stories, resources and
knowledge with our communities & beyond.


We produce select series’ that touch on various topics such as leadership, wealth and abundance.


Curated retreats and adventures for women to get to know themselves so that they can connect to others in an authentic way.

Upcoming Events

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Retreat Yo' Self

Video Credit: @roomforcreamfilms

Retreat Yo’ Self: We Know you give so much everyday in many ways so why not give yourself the gift of community, connection, and self-care. If you have been to one of our in person events or experiences (Pause & Play) you know how we roll, but if you’re interested in meeting passionate uplifting women who are here for YOU, we’ll be sure and save you a seat at the table.

These are intimate all inclusive events. Each one has a unique experience or adventure where we can come together to pause and play. It's about time we all got a little breather, some fresh air and some time to explore who we are and what we want on this wild ride called life. We are planning our lineup of curated excursions that provide connection, fun, and a chance to step outside of your comfort zone! We are here to uplift, support and share our journeys because we're all on a road less traveled together and that makes all the difference.

We now have several opportunities to get connected and give back to yourself or share with someone you know would benefit.

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Our events focus on Movement, Mindfulness, and Mingling all Month long.
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