Hello There, Wavemaker

We are those who believe in something bigger. We are passionate and highly charged, driven by our innate desire to create and seek growth in all aspects of our lives. We aim to inspire and empower, to connect to others and challenge ourselves to make impact by taking our collective ripples and making the biggest waves we possibly can.

What We Honor


Keep Making Waves

The motivation behind Women Making Waves is to connect women to themselves and others through:

Empowering mentorships and learning opportunities

Providing a place to be seen, heard and validated

Facilitating programs that allow space & connection to other women

Learning to trust our own intuition so that we can grow personally & professionally

You Found Us Because

You’re a passionate, impact-driven woman.

You’re a leader in your own space and own right.

You’re committed to changing yourself and the status quo.

You’re looking for a safe community to engage with.

You’re where you belong.

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Our focus is on Movement, Mindfulness, and Mingling all Month long.
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