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For You

FOR YOU by LISA O'LEARY || Today marks seven years since Patrick and I married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony at home, just 48 days before he died from brain cancer. I felt compelled to tell him how I feel today, and have decided to share this with you. www.surrendertolive.com

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Creating a fun eco-friendly summer soiree and garden party!

Earth day is April 22nd, and April is Earth Month. It is a good time for a friendly reminder to think about how you can make sustainable choices. Plus, now that summer is near, we have compiled five simple ways to go green at your summer soiree!

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Find adventure & Find Yourself

Exploring the world, life, and finding excitement in all of it.

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Letting Go & Flying High

I want to talk about my trapeze swing experience in 2020 which was a novel way to escape and find myself. Here are some words that I came up with when thinking about this experience I recently had flying literally high above the air on a trapeze. I thought about timing. It took patience, guts, and mostly courage. Trusting, both in myself and the process...

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Finding My Power

As I write this blog I look at the countless inspirational plaques I have on my desk, which I probably got on the clearance rack at TJMAX. I look around my desk for inspiration to define the true meaning of what it takes to be a woman in leadership. The truth is, leadership isn't a word or a phrase. Being a leader is through action and someone who is not afraid of failure. I never consider myself a leader until 2020. It took a world pandemic to find my power. I had this great epiphany, or as I like to call it my Oprah Winfrey "aha moment" this past year.

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