Our Story

The incredible Women Making Waves team has helped this platform grow and diversify in so many big ways. Since its 2019 launch, we have been developing content and incorporating intimate retreats and other programs to build leadership and inspire women across the ocean who continue to make waves in their daily lives and communities.

Our Origins

We began this journey in 2019 by co-creating and hosting in-person events with a local chamber of commerce and the CEO. Our focus was on highlighting inspiring females across various industries. A few months in, we realized this was bigger than our local community and needed to be shared. We took it under new leadership and immediately began gathering a group of committed and talented women to dive in and turn these initial ripples into waves. When the Tsunami of 2020 hit, like so many we were forced out of our element to "try something new." We shifted our platform and events to a virtual space. We quickly discovered we could collaborate with unique speakers from various cities and worked hard to build  better engagement with a broader audience.

"A Woman with a vision empowers an empire of women to do more, see more and be more" ~ unknown


Women Making Waves provides a platform and a supportive community which facilitates women's confidence, competence and connectivity both to themselves and others.


We are committed to being an inclusive global community of empowered women who inspire, share stories, and connect. We are dedicated to creating, learning, and supporting women worldwide to make an impact in all aspects of their lives.


The Team

Tyler Skinner
Founder & Head Wave Maker
Nicki Nysven
Social Media + Den Mother
Grace Tucker
Community Manager + Artistic Director
Trish McCormick
collaborations + meditation guide
Courtney Lutkus
Experience Expert

Core Values

We believe that bringing women together will create a larger impact.

We believe that honesty from one gives permission to others to be their true selves.

We believe that Co-creating & Co-leading is the future.

Here you will...

Gain Competence-learn from other women in your community and beyond

Gain Confidence-share your stories, your passion projects, and your talents

Gain Connection-be a part of a group of like-minded women and create your “front row.”

We are carefully curating the resources and support network that we want established as we move through various stages of life.

Become a Wavemaker:

Our events focus on Movement, Mindfulness, and Mingling all Month long.
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+ First notification and special pricing on all in-person events and adventures+
+ Access to online themed retreats (Coming Soon!)
+ Wavemaker Wisdom Workshops +
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